Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

How to dispose of asbestos in a safe way

by Ralph Rodriquez

Removing asbestos on your own can be a complicated mission, as you need to be extremely careful to not spread the harmful particles further. You also need to be careful so that you yourself aren't affected by the toxic materials. It is, however, possible to take care of your own asbestos ridden material, as long as you know how to handle it. In order to dispose of materials containing asbestos in a safe manner, there are a few things you should think about.

Wear protective clothing

Be sure to always use protective gear when you're handling material that contains asbestos. Wear a face mask to avoid breathing the harmful particles in, and use safety goggles to cover your eyes. You should also wear a disposable full body suit to prevent the asbestos from getting to any part of your body. You also need to wear gloves. A good idea might also be to put tape around your wrists so that the asbestos can't get through the gap between suit and gloves.

Wet the material

Always wet the material when you're handling it. You should soak the material in water as you're handling it, and make sure it stays wet during the entire time before it gets put in proper packaging. This is to prevent particles of asbestos from spreading in the air. Remember that you also need to get rid of your protective gear when you're finished and that you should wet it too.

Double packaging

Place the material on a thick sheet of wrapping plastic and seal it. Then you should put that package into another layer of plastic and seal that too. The double layer prevents the asbestos from leaking out even if the packaging were to tear and also forms a thicker barrier towards the outside world. Use adhesive tape to seal the packages to make sure it sticks together.

Write a note

You should also make sure to label the package with a note that clearly states that it contains asbestos and that it can be dangerous if opened. This is to avoid confusion at the tip where you dispose of your asbestos. Make the note as large and colourful as possible so that it can't be ignored by people handling the package after you've dropped it off.

Transport it

Place the package in a box before driving it to the tip so that it doesn't roll around in your car. This can prevent it from getting stuck on something and tear open. If you feel insecure driving the package yourself, you could contact an asbestos disposal service that can transport and throw it away for you for a fee. 


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