Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

3 Strategies To Prep Your Home For Professional House Cleaners

by Ralph Rodriquez

If your house is a mess and you are exhausted, you may want to consider hiring professional house cleaners. However, before you put your feet up and relax, make sure to prep your home well before the cleaners arrive.

Pick Up Floor Clutter

House cleaners arrive to clean your home -- not to organise unruly papers, toys and clothes strewn everywhere. Make sure you get the clutter in order before the house cleaners arrive to reduce the time they spend cleaning or organising your home. Many house cleaners charge for their services by the hour with fees starting from $25 per hour, but the final fee may also compensate for services provided and travel time. Some cleaners charge fixed rates. For instance, $100 for a 2-bedroom unit or $125 for a 3-bedroom unit is considered standard for many house cleaners. If the cleaners have to remove your clutter, then you are obviously going to pay more for their services. By getting it done on your own, you allow them to get started with the actual cleaning immediately.

Discuss Special Cleaning Requests Before The Cleaners Arrive

If any part of your home is particularly vulnerable to dirt and grime, then it's usually a good idea to let the house cleaners know in advance. This helps them come better prepared with the right tools and equipment to tackle your problem. For instance, if your bathroom shower is particularly filled with grime, then the cleaners may disinfect the area to clean it comprehensively. Similarly, if your carpet has a stain, then the cleaners will bring special stain removal liquids to make sure the stain is removed during the house cleaning process. Discussing these special cleaning requests in advance will also prevent any misunderstandings about the length and cost of the visit.

Protect Your Wall Edges

As the house cleaners pull wires, hoses and heavy-duty equipment through your home during the cleaning process, your wall edges can be susceptible to chips and cracks from rough contact. To avoid unsightly chips and black marks, consider applying painter's tape around wall edges in every room to avoid having to repair and fill them after the cleaners leave. Painter's tape doesn't damage or leave any unpleasant marks on walls and is easy to remove.

Follow these key strategies when you hire house cleaners to professionally clean your home. That way you can get the best results possible.


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