Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

Four Essentials You Need to Deal With Pet Stains on Your Carpet

by Ralph Rodriquez

Unfortunately, all dogs have the occasional accident on the carpet, and it can be challenging to remove stains and odours. However, the right tools make it easier. Here is what you need in your stain fighting arsenal:

1. Clean white rags

If your dog soils the carpet, you should first remove the solid chunks and then soak up the liquid with newspapers or rags. When you are ready to start scrubbing up the remaining stain, you should use clean white rags.

When you use white rags, you don't have to worry about their colour bleeding into the carpet. In addition, you can also see the stain as it moves from your carpet fibres to your rag. When the rag looks visually dirty, use a clean part of it or a new rag as you continue scrubbing and blotting the stain.

2. Cleaning bucket or carpet cleaning machine

In order to remove any stain effectively, you need to be prepared to use a lot of water. Water helps rinse out the stain as well as any cleaners you have used on it. If you leave the cleaners in the carpet, they can create a sticky residue and attract dirt to that area.

To make rinsing easy, you want a cleaning bucket. That way you don't have to run back and forth to the sink to rinse your rag. Alternatively, if your pet has a lot of accidents, you may want to invest in a carpet cleaning machine. These machines push water into your carpet fibres and then vacuum it up. Doing this repeatedly helps to rinse out the stain. Note that although carpet cleaning machines use soap, you can fill them with just water so that they only rinse your carpet if you like.

3. Odour neutralising product

Once you have fully removed the stain and all of the cleaning product you used, you should apply a neutralising product. Designed specifically for use with pets, these sprays neutralise the odour. That prevents your dog from catching the scent and wanting to urinate in the same area again.

4. Patching kit

If you have intense stains that you cannot remove, you may want to cut them out and patch your carpet. To patch carpet, you need a carpet cutter or a utility knife, a piece of matching carpet and some carpet seam tape. You simply cut out the stain, cut the patch to match and then use the seam tape to adhere the patch to the floor.

If the odour has penetrated to the carpet pad, you should also patch that, using the steps outlined above.  

If patching is not an option and you still have stubborn pet stains, it may be time to contact a professional carpet cleaner for help.


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