Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

Skip Bin Tips for When Space Is Limited

by Ralph Rodriquez

A skip bin is an extremely efficient method for household rubbish removal. But what do you do when your space is limited? Perhaps you have a narrow or short driveway. Perhaps your garage is positioned in a way that means a skip bin would prevent you from being able to park your vehicle. When space is limited, there are still a few options for using a skip bin.

On Your Lawn

This is only appropriate when your front lawn is unfenced. The skip bin can certainly be placed on your lawn, but you will want to minimise damage to the grass, otherwise you will end up with a brown (and even dead) patch of lawn. Ask if the skip bin company is able to provide you with wooden blocks for the bin. These are simply sturdy timber beams that will slightly elevate the bin. There will still be a bit of damage to the grass, but the damage is infinitely smaller than having the entire bin placed on your lawn.

On the Nature Strip

The nature strip at the front of your home is classed as public land, and you are generally not permitted to place anything there, even if the footpath is not blocked. Having said that, it can be possible to place a skip bin on the nature strip, provided that you have obtained the appropriate permit from your local council. Ask the skip bin hire company, as they might be able to arrange the permit on your behalf (although this might incur a small additional fee). Even if they are not able to arrange the permit for you, they will probably be able to instruct you as to how to obtain the permit. You can then hire the bin once the permit has been granted. There are usually stringent time constraints on such a permit, meaning that you will need to fill the bin quickly and have it collected as soon as possible.

Smaller Bins

You will have chosen a bin that is big enough for your needs, but this can be problematic if you don't have enough space in which to place the bin. You should consider hiring two smaller bins and arranging an additional collection. A smaller bin that can be accommodated within the available space will be delivered. Once you fill it, it will be collected, and then an additional smaller bin will be delivered. This method requires an additional collection (which can involve an additional fee), but is a handy way to get rid of your rubbish when there isn't enough space for a larger bin.

You don't need to let a lack of space prevent you from getting rid of your household rubbish. Fortunately there are a few options for using a skip bin with limited space.


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