Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

Getting Married Somewhere Unusual? Make Sure You Have These 3 Unusual Essentials

by Ralph Rodriquez

Getting married in an unconventional venue that's not typically used for weddings has its ups and downs. From residential homes to outdoor locations, unique venues cannot be treated like hotels, town halls and other typical places. In all the excitement of getting the special wedding you've always dreamed of, it's easy to forget that your unusual venue has unusual requirements that none of your married friends will know to advise you on. Here are 3 essentials you need to plan for if you're tying the knot somewhere not-so-typical.

Liability Insurance

Traditional wedding venues usually have their own public liability insurance. This means that personal injuries and property damage are financially covered should anything go wrong. However, if the place where you're getting married is not usually an events venue, you may find that the owner doesn't have a policy in place. If this is the case, ensure that you take out your own liability insurance policy. If not, you could find yourself spending your honeymoon money on medical treatment or repairs through no fault of your own. Remember to shop around online for the best deals.

Licensing and Regulations

Did you know that many forms of entertainment require licensing? A lot of people are unaware, and operating unlicensed could land you in legal trouble. Depending on your reception and ceremony plans, you may need to check that you are allowed to sell alcohol, play music, cater food, or have live acts at your venue. If the owner of your venue has never needed these licenses before, you'll need to pay for them yourself. If you're unsure what needs to be licensed in your region, contact your local government office for advice.

Reception Clean-Up

Many hotels and ballrooms sweeten their wedding packages by providing after-party clean-up when the reception's over. After all, no bride or groom wants to be sweeping the floors when everyone's gone. If your venue doesn't normally host events, there's a high chance they won't be providing this service for you. Worse still, leaving a venue dirty can sometimes incur additional fees and sour the relationship between you and the owner. Make sure you've hired a professional cleaning service to leave your reception location looking as beautiful as you found it. It's important to choose your company in advance so any issues regarding lock-up, supervision, times, and keys can be arranged and confirmed by all parties involved (yourself, your cleaners, and your venue owner).

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