Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

5 Questions When Selecting Carpet Dyeing Companies

by Ralph Rodriquez

You can avoid the expense of replacing your discoloured carpeting by hiring experts to dye those carpets. Several questions can help you to shortlist the best carpet dyeing companies. This article discusses some of those crucial questions.

Is Carpet Dyeing Your Only Business?

It is important for you to select a company which specialises in dyeing carpets. Such a company is likely to have extensive experience in carpet dyeing, and they will use that accumulated experience to your benefit. The company is also likely to have technicians who have undergone training and certification in carpet dyeing. Those specialists are therefore likely to do a better job than a worker who doesn't have that specialised knowledge.

Can They Avail Safety Data Sheets?

You should also find out whether the carpet dyeing company which you want to hire has safety data sheets for the products which they use to dye carpets. Those data sheets will reveal any health and safety hazards which may result from the use of those products. Mitigation measures can also be outlined to reduce the risks associated with the dyeing products. Don't hire a company which cannot provide this literature.

Which Dyes Are Used?

You can select dyes that are either in powder or liquid form. Each of these forms may have some inherent weaknesses. For example, dyes in powder form often leave residues on the carpets where they are applied. It is, therefore, better for you to select a company which uses liquid dyes so that you avoid having to deal with the residues associated with powdered dyes.

What Guarantees Are Given?

Ask the carpet dyeing company whether they can give you a written guarantee stating that the dye will last for as long as the carpet does. They should also be able to guarantee that your carpets will be evenly coloured once the process of dyeing them is completed. Don't hire a company which doesn't provide written assurances about the quality and durability of their work.

Can They Provide References?

Ask for references. The best way to ascertain the competence of a carpet dyeing company is by interacting with their past clients. Talk to those past clients and confirm that the carpet dyeing company delivers on all its promises. Select the company whose past clients have no complaints about the work done for them.

Use the guiding questions above to screen the companies which have expressed interest in doing business with you.


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