Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

  • Skip Bin Tips for When Space Is Limited

    A skip bin is an extremely efficient method for household rubbish removal. But what do you do when your space is limited? Perhaps you have a narrow or short driveway. Perhaps your garage is positioned in a way that means a skip bin would prevent you from being able to park your vehicle. When space is limited, there are still a few options for using a skip bin. On Your Lawn

  • Moving rental properties: Three tips for families with young kids

    Moving house is never an easy task, but moving with young children can be a stressful, emotional upheaval for the whole family. If you're planning to move rental properties in the near future with your young kids, check out these three tips. Prepare your kids slowly Surprising your young children with a move may leave them feeling scared, insecure and uneasy, so give your kids plenty of time to adjust to the idea prior to move.

  • Four Essentials You Need to Deal With Pet Stains on Your Carpet

    Unfortunately, all dogs have the occasional accident on the carpet, and it can be challenging to remove stains and odours. However, the right tools make it easier. Here is what you need in your stain fighting arsenal: 1. Clean white rags If your dog soils the carpet, you should first remove the solid chunks and then soak up the liquid with newspapers or rags. When you are ready to start scrubbing up the remaining stain, you should use clean white rags.

  • 3 Classic Signs Validating The Need For Professional Deep Cleaners

    Everyone wants to return to a clean home at all times, but this may simply not be possible for you to undertake on your own in certain circumstances. While keeping your home clean is vital to enjoying a high-quality living experience, the inability to deep clean on your own can leave you frustrated. Luckily, your stress doesn't have to last for too long. Here are some classic signs validating the need to hire professional deep cleaning services.

  • 3 Strategies To Prep Your Home For Professional House Cleaners

    If your house is a mess and you are exhausted, you may want to consider hiring professional house cleaners. However, before you put your feet up and relax, make sure to prep your home well before the cleaners arrive. Pick Up Floor Clutter House cleaners arrive to clean your home -- not to organise unruly papers, toys and clothes strewn everywhere. Make sure you get the clutter in order before the house cleaners arrive to reduce the time they spend cleaning or organising your home.

  • About Me

    Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

    Welcome to my blog. My name is Andrew. At home, my wife does all the cooking, but cleaning is my job. I also own a small business. As a result, I'm charged with keeping things clean at both work and home. At work, I have a cleaning crew that comes in nightly, and I have specialists (carpet cleaners, window washers, etc) who come in as needed. At home, my kids do chores, and I handle most of the rest. I only outsource dry cleaning and a bit of seasonal deep cleaning. In this blog, I am going to write about keeping your home and office clean. I plan to include a range of tips, and I hope that they help you. Thank you for reading!