Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

  • Move-Out Cleaning — Why Steam Cleaning the Carpet Is Ideal

    Move-out cleaning is an essential responsibility of being a property owner, as without thoroughly clearing out of premises when former tenants leave, you will have a challenging time attracting new tenants. Thus, it is always best to invest in professional cleaning from top to bottom so that your property is so clean that it almost looks brand new. If your rental property has been fitted with carpeting, it is also imperative to have these carpets cleaned prior to new tenants moving in.

  • End Of Lease Cleaning | 4 Ways To Remove Pet Urine Odour From Carpets To Get Your Entire Security Deposit Back

    If you're moving out of a rental apartment, you'll want to do everything possible to present a clean house to the landlord if you want to get your entire security deposit back. Getting rid of pet urine odour from carpets requires some specific steps to remove all traces, so follow this carpet cleaning guide when you're looking to get back your security deposit. If you cannot handle the task on your own, a professional end-of-lease cleaning company will remove traces of the odour.

  • 5 Reasons to Replace Your Carpet Rather Than Have It Professionally Cleaned

    No matter how well you care for your carpet, eventually you are going to have to replace it. In general, say in a household of 2-4 people, a carpet usually lasts for3-5 years, but this isn't always the case. Quality and daily usage also play a part in the lifespan of your carpet.  However, when assessing the condition of your carpet don't be too hasty with your decision to throw it away.

  • Getting Married Somewhere Unusual? Make Sure You Have These 3 Unusual Essentials

    Getting married in an unconventional venue that's not typically used for weddings has its ups and downs. From residential homes to outdoor locations, unique venues cannot be treated like hotels, town halls and other typical places. In all the excitement of getting the special wedding you've always dreamed of, it's easy to forget that your unusual venue has unusual requirements that none of your married friends will know to advise you on.

  • Skip Bin Tips for When Space Is Limited

    A skip bin is an extremely efficient method for household rubbish removal. But what do you do when your space is limited? Perhaps you have a narrow or short driveway. Perhaps your garage is positioned in a way that means a skip bin would prevent you from being able to park your vehicle. When space is limited, there are still a few options for using a skip bin. On Your Lawn

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Cleaning Challenges and Solutions: A Cleaning Blog

Welcome to my blog. My name is Andrew. At home, my wife does all the cooking, but cleaning is my job. I also own a small business. As a result, I'm charged with keeping things clean at both work and home. At work, I have a cleaning crew that comes in nightly, and I have specialists (carpet cleaners, window washers, etc) who come in as needed. At home, my kids do chores, and I handle most of the rest. I only outsource dry cleaning and a bit of seasonal deep cleaning. In this blog, I am going to write about keeping your home and office clean. I plan to include a range of tips, and I hope that they help you. Thank you for reading!